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At the heart and soul of our culture and core philosophy is Relationship Hospitality.

We believe that true hospitality springs from the nurturing and building of strong and lasting relationships with fellow associates, guests, partners and the communities.

We do this by recognizing and valuing each other on a personal level, understanding individuality and respecting differences.

We recognize our guests’ individual needs, engage them with warm and genuine service, delivered with passion and dedication on a day-by-day basis.


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We serve ourselves by first serving others. We approach life with a sense of gratitude rather than entitlement.


We will uphold the highest level of honesty and fairness in all our relationships.


We contribute to and take personal responsibility for the financial success of the company.


We dedicate ourselves to constantly evolve our skills, our practices, our standards and our technologies. We move forward by never standing still.


We delight in our successes and our individuality.


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We have an inner sparkle, a smile and warm eyes that capture attention – all promoting a feeling of being instantly at peace.  We share a joy of life which motivates us to make the most of who we are, and this engages others and inspires them with an enthusiasm to rise above the ordinary.


We have the sensitivity and vision to see beyond the obvious, to understand and appreciate how others are feeling and thinking.  Having an intuitive nature is inherent rather than taught, being intuitive is sensed, rather than processed.  The more we embrace our sense of perception, the easier it is to understand people and to make their experiences more memorable.


Our service is heartfelt.  It is genuine – not contrived or forced, our service is sincere and authentic. We genuinely welcome our guests with the same delight as we would welcome a friend into our home, and this is sensed immediately by our guests. The relationships we form with them come easily, since we are people who bond naturally with others. When we say goodbye, we truthfully mean ‘see you again soon.’  Having a true genuine nature cannot be trained – it springs from a character that is self-aware, has positive intentions, and is mindful of oneself and others.